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A common misconception about progression is that if you make something better, it wasn’t good before. Marriage is all about taking two good people and combining them into something that is eternally progressing into something even greater together. Here are 5 ways to progress and reflect on the evolution of your marriage.

Write A Marriage Mission Statement Together

Have you ever made a mission statement for your life? A mission statement is a written document about what your vision for your life is. Work together on a marriage mission statement to help both of you catch the vision of where you want to go together. Learn more about how and why in our Everflect Couple’s Coursework.

Make Goals Together

You can make goals as a couple, or find ways to support each others’ goals. Both are ways to connect and improve. A great way to do this is to sit down once per week to share your individual goals and ask for ways you can support your spouse in theirs. Check out our free app Everflect that can walk you through this goal-planning session.

Study Marriage Skills Together

You study for school, you study for your job, but do you study to improve the most important relationship you have? Take time to study things such as communication skills and love languages together. Learning more about how to improve your marriage is one of the best investments you can make. Seeking out ideas from Marriage and Family Therapists (Yes, even when you’re not in a crisis) is a fantastic option as well. You can learn about 10 of our top marriage communication skills in the Everflect Couple’s Coursework.

Learn Hobby Skills Together

Narrowing in solely on your marriage and marriage skills isn’t the only way to use education for your marriage’s progression. Chose a skill you both want to learn and take a class or learn it together. This could be as simple as doing Youtube video yoga in the morning, or as in depth as working towards a educational certification together. Check out some ideas by scanning through our date night ideas pages.

Keep and Review a Journal

It difficult to know how far you’ve come, if you can’t tell where you have been. Start a journal about your marriage either together or separately. As the months and years tick by, you’ll be amazed at how much has changed and how far you have come. Check out this FREE printable journal with prompts for a great template. YOU+ME Journal

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