There is something spectacular about every season. Take time with your children this winter to notice the unique attributes of winter. Here are FIVE winter mindfulness activity ideas to use with your My Mindful Mat to get you started. (This post was originally published on

1. Snow Sounds

If you’re lucky enough to have snow, open a window or go outside. Sit and listen to the stillness of a falling snow.

2. Tree Lighting

Sit on your My Mindful Matand close your eyes. Imagine a Christmas tree. Imagine the lights lighting up on your Christmas tree one at a time. 

3. Christmas Tree Pose

Stand on your Mat (on a non-slippery surface) on one leg. Put your hands together and slowly raise them above your head as your “grow” your Christmas tree.

4. Gift Box Tracing

Sit on your Mat with a gift box or wrapped gift in your hand. Trace each edge of the box slowly.

5. Giving Thoughts

Sit on your Mat. Say three things you are grateful you have received. Say three you will do to help someone. 

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