Family night can mean different things to different families, but ultimately it is time set apart to be together. In this post we’ll talk more about what a family night can look like and how to make it happen.

What is Family Night?

Family Night, according to our definition, is a weekly set apart time to spend together as a family doing various wholesome activities.

How do you do Family Night?

  1. Choose a day and time to set apart as “family night.” Put this on the calendar first and allow it to override every other activity. A great option for a lot of people is Monday nights right after dinner.
  2. Plan an activity that can help bond your family. You could chose to rotate between activity topics such as service, creative, physical, intellectual, spiritual, etc. Many people also chose to use this time to teach their children religious or moral beliefs.
  3. Have fun! Enjoy getting to know your family better.

Tips and Tricks to make it work:

  1. Be consistent. Having family night the same day, time and starting location every week helps family members to remember and be on the same page.
  2. Get everyone involved. Have different family members plan the activity or have each family in charge of various responsibilities (such as a treat).
  3. Make it tech-free. Make family night a time where all phones, iPads, TVs, computers, etc are stored away. You may even want to have a basket where everyone places their electronics before you begin. This helps you focus on each other.
  4. Chose variety. Rather than sitting down to a TV episode each week, switch it up by doing something new and engaging. If you need ideas, you can check out this blog post: 40+ family night ideas.
  5. If it feels like a chore to encourage your family to participate, check out this podcast.

Have an idea for a fun family night? Share it in the comments!

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