Toddler Field Trip Ideas

(Plus Free Printable Worksheets)

Stay-at-home mom (or parent) is a bit of a misnomer. Some of the best “stay-at-home” parent time can happen out and about. Here is a list of 10 ideas for getting out on toddler friendly field trips with your little ones.

1. The Zoo

Here’s a common field trip option. You can make the zoo experience even more fun by dressing up as an animal before you go and doing this simple eye-spy worksheet while you’re there (if your particular zoo doesn’t have all of these animals, you could make your own or find animals that are in the same “family”): Zoo

2. Swimming Pool

Getting in the water with your child is a great opportunity to teach some life skills like water safety. You can also teach your children about animals that can swim with this simple worksheet: Swimming Pool

3. Dinosaur Museum

History museums are a great learning opportunity and often have great hands-on experiences. Our local dinosaur museum gives children the opportunity to feel and act like a real paleontologist (and see some professional ones at work too!). Help your child engage with learning about dinosaurs with this simple worksheet: Dinosaur Museum

4. Library

Reading with your child is one of the best things you can do with them for many reasons such as bonding and learning. Make your library trip an extra special field trip with this scavenger hunt activity worksheet: Library

5. Trampoline or Blow-Up Bounce Playrooms

Many areas have indoor warehouses where you can take your children to let out some steam on trampolines or bounce houses. Make this fun activity more intentional by teaching your child about animals that can hop or jump with this simple worksheet: Bounce House

6. Aviary

Birds come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors that a trip to an aviary is a fun activity for little ones. Make it even more interactive with this easy worksheet (don’t forget to bring a box of crayons!): Aviary

7. Playground or Park

Anywhere in nature is a great field trip. Take your child on a saunter outdoors for some mindful and meaningful time. Make your outdoor time more intentional with this simple scavenger hunt worksheet: Nature

8. Farm

Going to a local farm can help you teach your child about gratitude for where our food comes from. Make your farm visit more interactive with this simple worksheet: Farm

9. Taxidermy Museum

A lesser known option for a quick outing is a local taxidermy museum. Often you can find these at locations such as universities and, at least for us, it’s free! Stores such as Cabbalas and Scheels also have options. Learn more about the animals and play a simple eye-spy game with this worksheet (same as zoo): Taxidermy Museum

10. Planetarium or Space Museum

Inspire your children to see beyond themselves with a trip to a planetarium. The one by us is even free! Make it more interactive by teaching your children more about space with this worksheet: Planetarium

Find more fun activity ideas in some of our other posts like 40+ things to do with your family. Have more toddler-friendly field trip ideas? Comment below!

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