The Love Languages of Appreciation

(How To Tell Your Spouse Thank You)

On this week’s episode of “The Intentional Family Moment“, we discuss a listener’s question about appreciation. They wanted to know how they could better show appreciation to their spouse. We concluded that first, you need to know your spouse. In order to communicate appreciation, you must learn how they receive it. An easy way to figure that out is to ask. If they aren’t sure, you can discuss the 5 love languages by Gary Chapman. Figure out what love language they receive the best and then act on that. But don’t stop there – see if if you can get all 5 loves languages in when expressing appreciation. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

Words Of Affirmation

  • Say thank you in a specific way. Instead of saying a general “thank you for being an awesome husband.” You could add, “Thank you for being an awesome husband by giving me time to finish my project.”
  • Write it out. Write a pen to paper thank you card.

Acts of Service

  • Follow up with a natural service. For example, if they made dinner – clean the kitchen. If they bathed the kids and got them in their PJs – take over and read the bedtime stories.
  • Do a grand service gesture and tell them why. For example, you could take their car to be cleaned and leave a note that says something like: “I got your car cleaned because I wanted to find a way to tell you how much I appreciate what you do for our kids.”

Physical Touch

  • Are they exhausted after a long day of working hard for the family? Rub their shoulders.
  • Take them by the hand, kiss them and give the a long hug when you verbally express gratitude.

Gift Giving

  • Purchase a wishlist item and wrap it up with a note saying how grateful you are.
  • Make a DIY gift for them, also wrapped up with a note expressing your gratitude.

Quality Time

  • Take them out on a nice date to say thank you.
  • Sit with them and watch their favorite flick after they’ve spent a long day doing things you appreciate.

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