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This week on The Intentional Family Moment, we discuss the question “Why does Talking Time matter?”. Talking time is taking a few key moments to talk with your child before they go to sleep. It helps your child decompress, it helps you bond with your child and it creates important teaching moments. Here are a few tips to help it go more smoothly.

Make it a Habit

If you do “talking time” on a frequent basis, conversations don’t need to be high stakes. Make talking time apart of your family culture (even with your babies and toddlers). Talk about everything and anything so that there is a safe environment for any needful conversations later on.


While talking time can be a great opportunity to teach children valuable lessons, it is an even better time to listen. Listen to what your child is saying, rather than thinking of what you would like to say to them. Take the time to listen before you respond, even if you are listening to silence. By waiting, you give your child the chance to formulate any thoughts that they would like to share with you.

Make Time

Life is busy. It’s easy to rush onto the next to-do list after the kids are in bed. Whenever possible, make sure you have set aside plenty of time for meaningful conversations. Start bed-time routine early if necessary to ensure that you can have time to be truly present with your child rather than rushing through good-nights.

Come Prepared

Especially for older children, it is sometimes important to come prepared with something to get the conversations started. To help you, we’ve put together this free bedtime conversation starter printable: Bedtime Conversations.

You can also check out our 365 days of dinner conversations free printable for more ideas.


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