Fiji Time

When I went to Fiji to build septic tanks as a teenager, I learned pretty quickly that time works differently there. They call it “Fiji Time.” It’s slow, and it’s present. Little did I know that a few key experiences while there would be some of the building blocks to help me understand why mindfulness really matters. …

Valentine’s Day Mindfulness Activities

There is something spectacular about every season. Take time with your children this Valentine’s day to notice the unique attributes of hearts and love. Here are FIVE Valentine’s day mindfulness activities to use with your My Mindful Mat to get you started. (This post was originally posted on our product page at 1. Speaking Love Have…

calm down mindful parenting quote

Be Your Child’s “CALM DOWN!”

The first person who needs to be calm when a child is having a tantrum is YOU. You’re not alone if you’ve raised your voice to ironically tell your child to “calm down!” We all need that reminder. My Mindful Mat is just as much for the parents as it is for the children. Let’s…

Rethink Time Out

Life is new to our little ones. Think about a new job. How well would you have done if you had been thrown into it with no training? So why do we expect our little ones to handle big emotions without any training? Here we’ll talk briefly about how you can take the traditional time out and time in methods and turn them into emotion regulation training.

Mini Mindful Journal (Free Printable Mindfulness Journal for Kids)

We are huge advocates for any type of personal journaling. There are several benefits of putting pen to paper with your thoughts and observations. To help, we have released a free printable “Mini Mindful Journal™” with 5 of the following kid-friendly mindful journaling activities. (Print your Mini Mindful Journal™ for free by clicking on the link below)

Mindful Discipline

Episode 11: What are the best parenting methods for strong-willed/independent toddlers?

What are the best parenting methods for strong-willed/independent toddlers? Daniel Kahneman on System One and System Two Thinking TRANSCRIPT [Brent] Welcome to the Intentional Family Moment. Take a moment with us as we discuss our thoughts on your family questions, then join us in our weekly challenge as we work together to be more…