DIY Toddler Craft

Toddler DIY: Home Playset Craft (Easy Family Friendly Craft Idea)

Home Playset Craft Toddler DIY This Toddler DIY was perfect for so many reasons: a toddler can do it, it’s portable for travel, it encourages imagination and it was really easy. So grab your little ones, a few (cheap) supplies and have a fun family craft night! (Note: Small parts are a choking hazard to…

Family Time Capsule Printable

How To Make A Family Time Capsule (Free Printable)

How to Make a Family Time Capsule Free Printable This week on The Intentional Family Moment, we discuss the importance of family history. Family history work can come in many forms such as learning ancestor stories, finding records, interviewing grandparents and one that is sometimes overlooked: leaving your own family history for future generations. An…


25 Service Ideas for the Whole Family (Yes, even toddlers!)

25 Service Ideas for the Whole Family (Yes, even toddlers!)   One of the most meaningful activities to do to strengthen your family is to volunteer together. This may seem like an overwhelming task, especially with young children (or reluctant teenagers), but there are several simple ways to get your whole family out and serving….

Family Night Ideas (40+ Activities To Do With Your Family)

Family Night Ideas (40+ Activities To Do with Your Family) Every Monday evening, we set aside time to spend with family to learn together and do wholesome recreational activities. Family adventures can be as big as a vacation or as small (but meaningful) as some quality conversation at home. Here is a list of 40+…

365 Days of Family Dinner Conversations

Family Dinner Conversations

You’ve seen the stats over and over again (for example, this article). Having family dinner together has a significant influence on a child’s outcomes. Family dinner conversation boosts a child’s vocabulary. Children who eat with their families consume healthier foods. Family dinner lowers the chance of risky behaviors such as smoking and drinking. And most importantly,…

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

May #CoriariaChallenge (Random Acts of Kindness Challenge)

Tomorrow is May. That means it’s time for another #CoriariaChallenge! May’s challenge is to do our “Random Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt.” Below are enough random acts of kindness for every day this month! Do them in whatever order you would like or even make up your own. Get your family involved with you or…