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Episode 2: Why Is It Important To Counsel With Your Spouse On A Regular Basis?

Why Is It important To Counsel With Your Spouse On A Regular Basis? Join the founders of Coriaria as they discuss “Why is it important to counsel with your spouse on a regular basis” on our podcast “The intentional family moment.” Everflect for iOS Everflect for Android TRANSCRIPT [Brent] Welcome to the Intentional Family…

Family Council

FREE Family Council (Everflect) Guides

The Everflect for couple’s app and Everflect Couple’s Workbook have been released. We’re working on some simple improvements, but overall we’ve heard some great experiences from those who use it regularly! We hope you continue enjoying the app. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in future updates! Everflect Parent and Everflect…

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