Sticks & Stones Story Time Bag

Family Bedtime Story Craft

Bedtime is a time when children practice routines, learn healthy habits, process their day, start to read, and probably most importantly: bond with family members. This “Sticks & Stones Story Time Bag” was a fun family-friendly craft to make as well a super useful bedtime activity. You can find several examples on Pinterest and elsewhere for making “Story Stones.” We decided to put our own twist on this fun idea by adding some “Story Sticks”. Here’s how we did it:

(Note: Small parts are a choking hazard to young children. Always use adult supervision.)


Rocks, Craft Sticks, Non-Toxic Paint and/or Markers, Craft Bag

Step 1

Get your craft sticks and rocks. Clean off the rocks with water and let them dry.

Step 2

Paint “story characters” on your rocks with child-friendly non-toxic paint (we chose to use some with sparkles in it for some extra dream-like detail). Paint “story locations” on each stick. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Astronauts or Aliens

Sea Creatures



Wild Animals


Princesses & Princes

Favorite Cartoon Characters


Wild West







Step 3

Decorate the outside of your craft bag as desired.

Step 4

At Bedtime (or any other time), let your child randomly pick one stick and one rock, then work together to tell a story. (It’s amazing what lessons you can learn in a story about a Space Lion!)

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