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Mondays are #FamilyNightIdea

It’s important to date your spouse, but it’s also important to “date” your family. Spending dedicated quality time together is key to having a strong family that sticks together. It’s not always easy to think of what to do each week though. That’s why we will be sharing a #FamilyNightIdea with you every Monday. If you have some ideas you’d like to share as well, feel free to comment on one of our posts or reach out to us through e-mail.

Tuesdays are #TipTuesday

Every Tuesday, we will share a tip from professionals & motivators with insights into how you can strengthen your marriage or family. These tips will include things such as how to communicate better, how to organize your family, how to overcome challenges and more. If you’d like to share a tip that has been meaningful to you, feel free to comment on one of our social media page or reach out to us through e-mail.

Wednesdays are #WonderfulWednesday

On Wednesdays, we’ll share uplifting and meaningful quotes about family and marriage for you to reflect on. If you have a favorite quote about family, please feel free to share it with us by commenting on one of our posts or reaching out through e-mail.

Thursdays are #ThoughtfulThursday

We like to hear from you! Every Thursday, we will ask a question to get to know you and your families better. Your answers to these questions help us connect with you and learn from your insights. They also help us have a better understanding of what products and apps we could focus on next. We’re excited to get to know you better!

Fridays are #DateNightIdea

Date nights with your spouse are so important to keep a strong relationship. Instead of being stuck in the “what do you want to do tonight?” cycle, follow our #DateNightIdea posts each Friday for great ideas on how to spend your date night. If you have ideas for a date night that you love, please share it with us by commenting on our post of getting in touch through e-mail.

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