The Everflect™ series


Everflectis a FREE app that walks you through a meaningful relationship inventory with your spouse every week. Also now available is the in-app how-to library that teaches you meaningful relationship skills that you can apply in your weekly Everflection. To learn more about Everflect, please visit


COMING SOON: Everflect Parent ™ will walk you through a parent-child interview every month (or as often as needed). This app is a simple and easy way to check in with each child individually and keep track of their goals in a meaningful way.





COMING SOON: Everflect Family™ will walk you through a family council every month (or as often as you’d like). This app is a simple and easy way to keep your family on the same page an keep track of your family goals.




Quilted Memoir™



COMING SOON: Quilted Memoir™ will be an easy method to collect the precious memories of your loved ones who have passed away. With a simple link and a straight forward walk through, Quilted Memoir™ will stitch together memories of your loved one from anyone who may have known them in life. Check out to learn more.


My Mindful Mat™

My Mindful Mat™ is your intentional parenting alternative to a traditional “Time-Out.” In a small, portable bag you will find a mat for your child (several different patterns available!) and 6 child-appropriate mindfulness activity cards. My Mindful Mat™ was produced with children who have autism in mind, but are a fantastic mindful discipline option for any child (or any adult!). Currently, My Mindful Mat™ is currently sold exclusively at local family oriented markets, but will be coming soon to our online store!

The Thinking Spot™

Similar to My Mindful Mat™, The Thinking Spot™ is an intentional parenting alternative to “Time-Out.” The Thinking Spot™ gives your child space to reflect on their thoughts and emotions and get it out on paper.  The Thinking Spot™ is currently only sold at local market. If you’d like to learn more, please e-mail [email protected]




Story _™ (“Story Line”) is a family fun writing prompt game. Any age, any number of players. Story_™ takes your family on a random adventure of creativity and laughter.


A smaller, fairy tale themed Story_™ (“Story Line”).


Story_Outside is a printable version of our Story_™ series. Only available in our online shop (coming soon).



Another fun family game. Duoddle™ is a perfect choice for those stay at home date nights or one-on-one get to know you time with your child. Only available in our online shop (coming soon)


Colored Coriaria Books


Colored Coriaria books are uplifting Children’s books that teach skills such as sharing, family connection, patience and more in fun and creative ways. While they are stand alone children’s books, the open textured illustrations also allow for optional coloring to help your child engage fully with the principles taught in each book.


“The Giving Journey” is an adventure book for young children that teaches lessons about sharing, serving, selflessness, minimalism and family friendship. Inspired by a true story, a little girl hoards a stuffed animal collection until a journey around the world softens her heart and helps her learn what true happiness is. Available now!


LumiWheel™ products are activity packets that help you illuminate your family’s life by staying balanced. Our first activity packet LumiWheel Kids™ is an activity packet for children to help them become more well-rounded. The activities help them focus on 6 different areas of life and gives them a space to fill in their badge bubbles as they complete the activity in each area. Available only in our online shop (coming soon)


Printable Posters


Family is everything. Now you can print your own decorative posters to remind you. Several different styles and quotes available only in our online shop (coming soon).

Printable Family PDFs

Now there are even more resources to help you bond with and organize your family. Downloadable PDFs such as family dinner conversation starters or job charts, and more. Only available on our online shop (coming soon)!

Everflect Workbooks™


AVAILABLE SOON: Everflect Workbooks™ are our Everflect series apps in physical form. For those who prefer paper products, you’ll be able to enjoy Everflect™ in a physical workbook style.


Everflect family worksheets are a printable family council form. Includes 12 months worth of family council forms with unique get-to-know you questions. Only available in our online shop (coming soon)



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