The Everflect™ series


Everflectis a FREE app that walks you through a meaningful relationship inventory with your spouse every week. To learn more about Everflect, please visit


COMING SOON: Everflect Parent ™ will walk you through a parent-child interview every month (or as often as needed). This app is a simple and easy way to check in with each child individually and keep track of their goals in a meaningful way.



COMING SOON: Everflect Family™ will walk you through a family council every month (or as often as you’d like). This app is a simple and easy way to keep your family on the same page an keep track of your family goals.




Quilted Memoir™



COMING SOON: Quilted Memoir™ will be an easy method to collect the precious memories of your loved ones who have passed away. With a simple link and a straight forward walk through, Quilted Memoir™ will stitch together memories of your loved one from anyone who may have known them in life. Check out to learn more.





Story _™ (“Story Line”) is a family fun writing prompt game. Any age, any number of players. Story_™ takes your family on a random adventure of creativity and laughter.


A smaller, fairy tale themed Story_™ (“Story Line”).


Coriaria Kids™ Books

AVAILABLE SOON: Coriaria Kids Book™ are children’s books that teach uplifting skills such as sharing or patience in fun and creative ways.

COMING SOON “The Stuffed Journey”: Our first children’s book “The Stuffed Journey” is an adventure book for young children that teaches lessons about sharing, serving and selflessness. A little girl hoards a stuffed animal collection, until some events and a journey around the world softens her heart and helps her learn what true happiness is.


Everflect Workbooks™


AVAILABLE SOON: Everflect Workbooks™ are our Everflect series apps in physical form. For those who prefer paper products, you’ll be able to enjoy Everflect™ in a physical workbook style.

Facebook Group

Our Facebook Group “Your Way Home” is an opportunity to connect with a community that strives to center their lives around their family. Here you will get free family night ideas, date nights ideas, relationship strengthening tips, early access to product information, bonding challenges, exclusives promos and more.

Speaking & Coaching


For information on speaking and/or coaching from the Coriaria,LLC team please e-mail [email protected]