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My Mindful Mat is a tool that assists parents in being mindful and intentional in their discipline. Often described as your “Intentional Parenting Time-Out”, My Mindful Mat is a tool to be used to help your children whether they are misbehaving, have anxiety, or otherwise need a place to recenter on the go.

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My Mindful Mat™ is an intentional parenting tool based on mindfulness. Turn “time out” into a constructive, intentional exercise. When your child is having a hard moment, re-center and respond with intentionality and mindfulness.
My Mindful Mat™ helps parents teach their children how to process feelings, ask for help, and develop healthy behaviors in every part of life.
My Mindful Mat™ is a portable kit to help parents with intentional discipline. Each kit includes:
  • A high-quality, durable, organic cotton mat
  • A travel-size organic cotton pouch
  • A child-friendly mindfulness activity book with a variety of activities for all ages
  • A full-color instruction sheet
Each piece is responsibly sourced. The cotton bag and mat are fair-trade and GOTS certified. The inks used are non-toxic and very durable.

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