Our Advertising & Media Promise

(Coriaria’s Media Policy)

Advertising Commitment

At Coriaria, we care deeply about the sincerity and integrity of our brand. We also care about being transparent. For this reason, we have put together and are sharing with you our media policy promise.

We Only Use Photos of Real Users and Families

Misuse of photoshopped models is a concern in general advertising practices. It is important to be real. Models and smiley stock-photo families can distort our perception of reality. Stock-photos and models misrepresent the beautiful diversity of our fans and their families. If you see a person in Coriaria’s photos, you can trust that they are real people and real families with real stories.

We Aim To Provide Only “Healthy” Media

Click bait is also an issue in modern advertising. To increase SEO, it is suggested that you keep your fans on your website for as long as possible. It may affect our SEO power, but we commit to only provide products and media that we sincerely believe can benefit your family. We will never intentionally create “junk food” posts that waste your time and provide no applicable value. Before posting, we ask ourselves: Would we personally seek this out? Would we use this? Would this uplift my family?

We hope that you will come to our website intentionally to seek out a specific product or tool and then go right back to spending time with your family. If you are spending hours on our website on a regular basis, we are keeping you from what matters most. Although there will always be varying opinions on what provides value, we commit to do our best to provide only things that enhance your family life.

We Will Always Seek To Improve

We believe in the power of progression. We will constantly seek to improve the value and integrity of our advertising and media endeavors. If you see areas of improvement you feel we could implement, please send e-mail us at [email protected]



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