The No-Tech Weekend Follow Up

This past weekend, we participated in Coriaria’s “No-Tech” #CoriariaChallenge. After signing off of all technology – no social media, no phones, no computers, no TVs for a full weekend, here are the top 5 lessons learned:

No-Tech Doesn’t Mean “No Fun”

Unplugging for the weekend was a ton of fun! Instead of falling for our go-to TV and music entertainment, we sought out new experiences. That board game in the closet, that we hadn’t opened since it was gifted to us for our wedding, became one of the most hilarious competitions we’ve had in a long while. There isn’t a sitcom out there that could have made us laugh that hard together. Seriously, it was some of the best fun we’ve had. And the best part? Even though the #NoTechWeekend is over, we’ll likely skip the TV and continue our board game competition this evening!

It Was Easier Than We Thought

It was admittedly a little stressful committing to a full version of a #NoTech weekend, but it really wasn’t that bad. Turns out we don’t NEED the internet to figure out where to eat dinner. For date night, normally we would have hopped on our phone to search for what was close to us. Instead, we headed down the main street for several miles until we saw something worth trying out. In fact, it ended up being one of the best restaurants we’ve eaten at in years! We wouldn’t have thought to go there if we had based our decision on our tech dependency.

It was also nice to hop back on after our #NoTech weekend and see that not a whole lot happened while we were “gone.” Sometimes we get caught up in the immediate response and feel like we need to be on-demand for the technology world. The world kept spinning, but there wasn’t a single thing we missed out on that would have outweighed the beautiful benefit of spending un-distracted time with our families. We realized that the only place we need to be “on-demand” is with our family. Really, everything else can wait. And it did. And nothing terrible happened because of that.

It Helped Us Be More Intentional

This first year at Coriaria, LLC is our “Year of Intentionality.” We set off to start this company because we want to do things “for a purpose, on purpose.” One fantastic side-effect of following through with this No-Tech #CoriariaChallenge, was the way it reoriented us to be intentional with our time. It is so easy to scroll through your tech… and scroll through your tech… and scroll through your tech….. and let time slip away. Without that temptation, we found ourselves using our time a lot more intentionally. We made plans for the day, instead of letting the day plan us. We made choices based on our preferences, instead of letting technology tell us what our preferences should be. Overall, it was really nice to ditch the influence of technological opinion for the day and remember who we really are.

Presence is a Gift

It’s amazing how we have gotten so used to knowing so much about what is happening in that one friend’s life (who we haven’t spoken to or seen in years), but not REALLY knowing what is happening RIGHT NOW in our family. Taking a break from our tech helped us be more mindful of our family. Mindfulness is a meaningful practice in general, and much easier when you throw a media fast into the mix. We looked each other in the eye more often, we stayed focused on the conversations at dinner time, we worried less about what needed to get done for work, and we actually took a moment to breath.

Technology Can Be Good Too

Although we had many amazing experiences in our short no-tech weekend, it doesn’t mean that we’re ready to go cold turkey. In fact, going no-tech has also helped us appreciate what technology can do for our family. The tools we use to keep on the same page, the reminiscing of family pictures, and the interaction with fans that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise get is all very meaningful. We’re grateful for many useful aspects of technological inventions that can be tools for good in the world.


Overall, skipping tech for a while has reminded us to be be more intentional with both our technology use and our family time. We hope to be able to keep that in mind as we move forward with making apps, products and experiences that assist families in being more intentional with their own relationships as well.

If you missed out on this #NoTech #CoriariaChallenge, no worries! Feel free to try it out on any day or weekend you’d like. Tag us in your experience or let us know how it went by e-mailing [email protected]


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