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Why Organic Cotton?

At Coriaria (creators of My Mindful Mat™) we are mindful of the impact each of our products has on the environment, on our society, and especially on your family. In our “Mindful Products” series, we share with you the reasoning behind many of our product decisions. This week we discuss: Why Organic Cotton?

My Mindful Mat™ cases and mats are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. They are ecologically and socially responsible sourced and made of 100% organic cotton. Why does this matter?

Child Using My Mindful Mat


Non-organic cotton is grown with toxic chemicals. By using and purchasing organic cotton, we cut out dangerous pesticides. This not only benefits the environment in general, but also the health and safety of the workers collecting and processing the cotton. We care about the health and safety of these families.

Safety Standards

In order to be certified, workers must adhere to specific safety standards. This means that our products are more likely be safe and of higher quality than they would be otherwise. We also care about the safety of your families.

Allergy and Sensory Needs 

We are aware that many of our fans have specific allergy and sensory processing needs. Organic cotton does not retain chemicals and is therefore much more likely to be safe for those with allergies. Organic cotton also tends to be softer for those with sensory processing needs.


In general, we chose organic cotton because it feels like the right choice. We have met the employees of our cotton supplier in person. We feel that we can trust their integrity. We feel that the organic cotton not only looks and feels great, but can positively impact all of the families in the process – from the workers who harvest the cotton, to the factory workers who sew our products, all the way to your family on the receiving end.

If you have more questions about organic cotton and it’s benefits, you can check out these links:


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