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Why Fair Trade?

Fair Trade Certified

At Coriaria (creators of My Mindful Mat™) we are mindful of the impact each of our products has on the environment, on our society, and especially on your family. In our “Mindful Products” series, we share with you the reasoning behind many of our product decisions. This week we discuss: Why Fair Trade?

My Mindful Mat™ cases and mats are Fair Trade certified. What does this mean and why does it matter?

Fair Trade is based on the idea that everything we consume is connected to the lives of others. To learn more about the specifics of certification, you can visit the Fair Trade Certified website.


Fair Trade certified companies guarantee that wages for their employees are competitive and always fulfill the basic household needs of a family.


Fair Trade certified companies give their employees an opportunity to choose good and have a voice in their community regardless of their gender or other status.

Community Sustainability

Fair Trade certified companies help employees invest back into their community, specifically helping developing countries gain and sustain their communities greatest needs such as water, education and healthcare.


Fair Trade certified companies, ensure that working environments are safe for both employees and the planet.


Learn more about why My Mindful Mats are made from 100% Organic Cotton here.

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