Who says it has to be February to focus on showing a little extra love?

This month’s #CoriariaChallenge is all about becoming more fluent in all 5 “love languages” (according to Dr. Chapman). To complete this challenge, choose 5 consecutive days and focus on speaking a different love language to your family members each day. Here is a sample schedule:

Monday: Quality Time
Tuesday: Words of Affirmation
Wednesday: Acts of Service
Thursday: Physical Touch
Friday: Receiving Gifts

See below for simple explanations and ideas. If you’re up for the challenge, comment below and then let us know when you’ve completed it!

Feel free to share with friends and family who you think might also be up for the challenge!

Quality Time

What is quality time? Time set aside, Undivided attention.

1. Do a full family activity like those we suggest each week
2. Pull each family member aside for some “talking time”
3. Schedule a “date-night” for this month with each member of the family.

Share your Quality Time ideas and experiences in the comments below!

Words of Affirmation

What are words of affirmation? Genuine praise, gratitude & compliments

1. Write a thank you note to each family member
2. Give each family member a sincere compliment
3. Tell each family member 5 reasons why you are grateful for them.

Share your Words Of Affirmation ideas and experiences in the comments below


What are gifts? Any item or service given to another

1. Purchase a wishlist item (within budget) for each family member.
2. Make a D.I.Y. project for each family member
3. Get a “family gift” such as a board game or treat for the whole family.

Share your Gift ideas and experiences in the comments below!

Acts of Service

What are Acts of Service? Acts of Kindness, doing work or chores for others

1. Clean the rooms of your family members
2. Make your family members breakfast in bed
3. Do an extra non-neccisary chore for each family member (Iron clothes, etc).

Share your Acts of Service ideas and experiences in the comments below!

Physical Touch

What is Physical Touch? Any form of positive physical contact

1. Hug each member of the family
2. Make a “secret-handshake” with each family member
3. Cuddle on the couch while watching a movie

Share your Physical Touch ideas and experiences below!

Now go out and love your family fluently! 


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