Founder Brent & Michelle Q&A

On this short weekly podcast, the founders of Coriaria share their thoughts on your family-related questions. Join them for a less than 10 minute discussion and participate in their weekly challenge. This podcast is real, unscripted and meant to help all of us be more intentional with family life. 

“Short enough to fit into your busy family life, meaningful enough to change it.”

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The Intentional Family Moment

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Episode 0: Introduction to The Intentional Family Moment

Episode 1: What does it mean to be an intentional family?

Episode 2: Why is it important to counsel with your spouse on a regular basis?

Episode 3: How can we help our children be present in a world that pulls them in every direction?

Episode 4: Why is family history important?

Episode 5: Why do family traditions matter?

Episode 6: What is the best way to show your spouse appreciation?

Episode 7: Why does “talking time” matter?

Episode 8: How do you create a legacy to be proud of?

Episode 9: How can we show gratitude to our family members?

Episode 10: How can we increase our family togetherness when we’re so busy?

Episode 11: What are the best parenting methods for strong willed/independent toddlers?

Episode 12: How can I feel intentional about family holidays when the in-laws host and I feel like a Bystander?

Episode 13: How do you motivate family members to do family night without making it feel like a chore or argument?

Episode 14: What are some family-fun activities to do on a budget?

Episode 15: What is a good way to praise your child?

Episode 16: What are some family traditions that you can do that aren’t holiday related?