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Over the holiday break, we took a social media break. It’s amazing how much time comes out of the woodwork with breaks like that. We decided to re-invent our small playroom to increase it’s functionality. We’re not designers by any means, but we sure love some good DIY time together.

Here are 10 small ways we updated this room to make it more inviting and intentional for our family.

  1. That red bean bag chair is actually storage for stuffed animals, blankets and pillows.
  2. The height chart is made of organic cotton and has tags to mark children’s heights without needing to write directly on the cotton (names whited-out). We used to mark directly on the wall, but this removable version can go with us with any move.
  3. The clipboards you can find in most stores, but have been hung to easily display children’s art or educational focuses.
  4. The mirror was surprisingly affordable and made our small room feel much more spacious.

5. This Ikea-hack paper dispenser was one of our favorite projects. We mounted it to the wall, used one of the marker holders (and some washers) to hold the paper against the wall. It makes for continuous, organized drawing fun.

6. The bench (which we already had) is both seating and storage. Inside we have our sensory bins and puzzles.

7. The climbing wall was not changed in this updated, but it’s worth noting. It was a fun DIY project. The ceiling is short, but the unique pattern allows for various climbing challenges (such as only touching certain colors).

8. The paint made a huge difference to the inviting feel of this otherwise dark room.

9. The peg hooks make a great place for our painting aprons and the kid’s backpacks.

10. The curtains we already had in another room, but we decided they functioned better in this room.

Overall it was a fun family DIY project that has since brought even more enjoyable and intentional family time.

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