Thinking about redoing your kid’s bedroom? Here are 5 tips for doing an intentional kids room makeover.

Before & After

Tip 1: Let the Kids Design

Sit down with your kids and talk about what they want out of a room. In what ways do they need their room to function? Sketch up some ideas and let them share creativity!

Tip 2: Set a Budget

Set a budget and talk to your child about it. Help them decide what aspects of their design are most important, and what details are negotiable so you can stick to the budget.

Tip 3: Up-cycle

Save on budget and be more eco-friendly by up-cycling. Take inventory of what you have around the house and take a trip to a second hand store. There are so many simple ways to up-cycle. In this room, we took a dollhouse we already had and used our junk craft drawer and some nature-finds from the backyard to turn it into a fairy house.

Tip 4: Use it as a Teaching Moment

There are so many skills you can share with your children as you go through the design process. From budgeting to sewing, we learned a lot together. One of our favorites was teaching our little one some simple sewing skills by making rock and leaf pillows (which are stuffed with grocery bags and packing supplies for some budget and eco-friendly creativity).

Recognize this from our Imagination Station?
Found a great spot for our My Mindful Mat to be stored

Tip 5: Focus on Function

All of our design was centered on how the space would be used for uplifting activities. Where would she read? Where would siblings play together? For example, we love the toy rotation table. It’s a great option for keeping organized while giving an intentional space for play. Only two toy boxes come out at a time, and they store well in the in-between times. For more toy rotation ideas, check out this post.


Doing a room makeover takes time and effort, but it doesn’t have to take a huge budget. Keeping our child involved in the process was a lot of fun and helped create meaningful family memories. We’re excited to continue to see this room intentionally fulfill it’s purpose in our home. But, lest we contribute to some unrealistic expectations, here is a filter-free and real look at what the room looked like after a day of play:

Make that two days of play…

Have you done an intentional room makeover? Share yours in the comments!

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