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This week on The Intentional Family Moment, we discuss the importance of family history. Family history work can come in many forms such as learning ancestor stories, finding records, interviewing grandparents and one that is sometimes overlooked: leaving your own family history for future generations. An easy (and fun!) way to leave record some family history is to make a time capsule. Here are 5 simple steps for making a family time capsule that will get the whole family involved! 

Step 1: Make or Print Off a Time Capsule Form

There are several different versions of time capsules out there. If you want something fun and easy to do with the whole family, check out our FREE FAMILY TIME CAPSULE PRINTABLE (The framed area in intended for a family photo or drawing).

Step 2: Decide When the Time Capsule will Be Opened

You may choose to set the date 1,2,5,10 or more years away. Ideally, you will open the time capsule on the same day several years in the future. We chose only 2 years away, because we think there may be several changes in that short time period and it will be fun to rediscover what we thought.

Step 3: Fill out the form together

Sit down with your family and answer the questions on the form. If you are using our free version, you’ll take turns writing down what your favorite family memory, things you love about your family, and some predictions about what life will be like when the capsule is opened.

Step 4: Grab your Capsule and Items

Grab a box or other opaque container to put everything in. We personally grabbed a used cardboard box. Then, grab items that you think represent your family. We chose to have each person (even the toddler) put one item in the time capsule and then together we chose an item that represented the whole family. If you are using our free printable, you’ll explain why you chose each item on the form.

Here are some ideas of items you could put in your time capsule:

  1. The dust cover from your favorite book
  2. Family photos
  3. Letters to yourself
  4. A favorite toy that is no longer used
  5. A newspaper clipping or magazine clipping
  6. An award or certificate
  7. Tickets from an event you attended
  8. A receipt from a recent large purchase
  9. Birthday cards
  10. A T-shirt from an event or activity
  11. A drawing or other art project
  12. Postcards or letters
  13. Dried flowers from an occasion
  14. A piece of jewelry
  15. A favorite snack (that won’t mold or rot)
  16. Souvenir from your recent vacation
  17. Coins
  18. Graded homework
  19. Office supplies from your job
  20. Printed page from your social media

Step 5: Seal & Decorate

Once all of the items are in (including the form), tape or seal up your time capsule. On the outside, write “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL [DATE].” Then decorate it however you want. This was one of the best steps to get the littlest ones involved. We used stickers, crayons and markers and worked together to decorate with random doodles. Once you have finished, store your time capsule somewhere such as a closet, top kitchen cabinet or storage room shelf. Then, on the date (or whenever you remember after the date…), open and reminisce!

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