How to Create a Legacy

A legacy is what you leave behind for your family. A listener recently asked us how to create a legacy to be proud of. We talk more about this on the Intentional Family Moment podcast, but here are some quick tips to help you get started in understanding and creating a legacy that matters.

Step 1: Study Ancestors and Others You Admire

To know what kind of legacy you want to leave, it’s important to know what legacy was left for you. Take some time to study the stories of your ancestors. Make a list of qualities you admire about them. Find details of their personality that you want to develop in your own. Discover a few key ancestors that you can focus on emulating in positive ways.

To get started, you can check out various family history websites such as, or various others (not affiliated).

Step 2: Decide What Matters to You

After completing the first step, take a look at what you have written so far. What qualities are uniquely yours that you want to develop and add to your list? Consider making a personal mission statement with all of these various qualities and attributes included.

Step 3: Go Out and Do

Put your motto or mission statement into practice. A legacy doesn’t come in a day. A legacy is a lifetime of repeated efforts to emulate the good you want to see in the world. It is a lifetime of building off of the legacies before you. Leaving a legacy you can be proud of does not mean that you are perfect. Work at it, readjust, and continue aiming to sincerely develop the attributes you desire. Remember the examples of your ancestors and the personal qualities you care about, especially in times of trial. It is especially in those trying moments that you choose your legacy.

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