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What it is and why it matters to your family

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Yes, it’s another article on health. But it’s not what you think. This article isn’t about weight or strength or diets. While those buzzwords can at times be tools towards understanding and achieving healthy lifestyles, they fall drastically short of honest health. So what does it mean to have honest health? Honest health is anything that improves your ability to serve and care for those around you, especially your family. 

What Is Honest Health?

Why do we care so much about exercise and diets? Unfortunately, the advertisements pushed towards us on a daily basis are self-focused. They tell us that, if we buy this product or try that fad diet, we will be more popular, more attractive, or more powerful. But to what end?

Honest health, on the other hand, turns outwards. Why “honest”? Because it involves being true with yourself about what matters most. It has the why of family and service. We care about our health, because we want to be better involved, engaged in, and able to serve those around us.

Honest health can only be defined generally in an article like this, because only you know what specifically lies within your ability and only you know the “why” of what you do. The same action for one person could be honest and for another, fake. One is motivated by love while the other is self-interested. The easiest way to know if you’re on the right track to honest health is to ask yourself: Is this action, exercise, diet, etc. bringing me closer to those who matter most in my life or pulling me away? Is it allowing me to help others more fully than I could otherwise?

These guiding honest health principles can apply to anyone, with any ability, at any age, and in any stage of life.

Why Does Honest Health Matter?

Honest health choices enable you to better serve others now and in the future. If you are working towards honest health, your family becomes closer. If you are practicing honest health, you are better able to serve as a mother, father, sibling or child because your body is better equipped than it would be otherwise to take care of the needs of those around you.

Mental health is also heavily influenced by practicing honest health as you are inspired by what matters most, which is family and service. Anything other than honest health, pulls you away from family and society. If you are inspired to care for your body so that you can look a certain way, you’ll find yourself more and more dissatisfied. On the other hand, if you are inspired to care for your body so that you are better equipped to care for your family, you’ll find yourself more and more satisfied and enabled to progress and connect with those in your life.

How Do I Achieve Honest Health? 

Honest health is ultimately about the why, the motivation and the inspiration behind your health goals and actions.

You can evaluate your why with the following questions or evaluate more in-depth with this free printable Honest Health Self-Evaluation:

1. Do you come away from your health activities feeling closer to your family? If not, find an alternative.

Consider if the health-focus you choose is benefiting your family-time. It may benefit your family directly or indirectly. If you can honestly say that it helps you relax, refocus and feel renewed in spending time with family then you are working on your honest health. Better yet, if your exercise is part of your family bonding time, then you are working on your honest health.

2. Do you use your health-earned skills to serve others? If not, reevaluate.

You may lift barbells daily, but how often do you lift heavy furniture off of your neighbor’s moving van? Consider if the health-focus you are choosing is enabling you to be of better service to those around you. If you can honestly say that it helps you feel more energized and able to assist others in whatever their needs may be, then you are working on your honest health.

Here are some examples of ways you could potentially make your health more honest:

  1. Turn your yoga practices into family activities by doing Cosmic Kids together in the mornings. (not sponsored). Or simply doing kid-friendly yoga stretches like these ones
  2. Take your healthy diet skills and make dinner for someone who may need the same diet out of necessity (such as an allergy). You can find some great options for various dietary needs on apps like Mealime (not sponsored).
  3. Turn service and family play into your workout routine. Exercise by lifting your children, shoveling snow for someone or helping with a home improvement project. Find various ideas for service here.

Share any other ideas you have in the comments below. Why does achieving honest health matter to you? Let us know!

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