Gifts To Show Your Love

Although it’s important to show your love on a daily basis, this time of year helps kickstart those little extra expressions of love. Not sure what to do? We’ve collected several ideas into one post just for you. Here you’ll find links to gift ideas as simple as a free printable to frame and as in-depth as a couple’s coursework. Click on any of the links below for some FREE gifts to show your love.

Gifts For Your Spouse

Date Night Ideas

One of the best ways you can show your love to your spouse is to give them the gift of time. If you’re not sure what to do for date-night, check out one of these posts with date night ideas.

Free Date Nights

Epic Date Nights

Balanced Date Night



Get to know each other better though some tech-free game time. If a new game board isn’t in the budget, you can check out this printable get-to-know-you game for FREE.



Telling your spouse how much you love them is important. Writing down those words can solidify your love that much more. Write your spouse a letter expressing your love with one of these free printable cards.



Communicating with your spouse and supporting their goals is a long-lasting way to show your love to your spouse. Our couple’s workbook is on sale! Check it out here: Everflect Couple’s Workbook  – Or you can also check out the free versions in the app stores.

Everflect for Android 

Everflect for ItunesCouple's Council App

Gifts for the Whole Family


Decorate your home with reminders to your family that they are loved and thought about. Check out one of these free portionable versions:

Family Wall Decor

Animal Family Decor

All Our Hearts Posters

I Love You Because Frame

Love you with all our hearts poster


Families that play together, stay together. Playing tech-free games together helps you get to know your family members better. If a new board game isn’t in the budget, check out this FREE printable game.




Talking is another great way to show your family you care. Check out one of these FREE printable conversation starters to help your conversations reach a new meaning.

Bedtime Talking Time

Dinner Conversations

Everflect Family Councils365 Days of Family Dinner Conversations

Find several more gift ideas to show your love on our Pinterest!

Have more ideas on how to show your family how much you love them? Share them in the comments!

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