The Everflect for couple’s app and Everflect Couple’s Workbook have been released. We’re working on some simple improvements, but overall we’ve heard some great experiences from those who use it regularly! We hope you continue enjoying the app. Feel free to let us know what you’d like to see in future updates!

Everflect Parent and Everflect Family are in the works, but will take some time. While you wait, we have created some simple, printable guides for you to get in the habit of Everflecting with your family now. Best part? We’re releasing them for FREE!

Click to download for FREE!

Everflect Family Worksheet

Everflect Parent Worksheet

Tips on making your Family Everflection great!

#1 – START TALKING – Break the ice with some fun get-to-know-you questions or other fun activities and conversation (Our free printable version has a new get-to-know-you question for each Everflection).

#2 – GOOD GOES FIRST – Follow the order of the guide. There is purpose in it. Before diving into all of the improvements you want the family to make, focus on what is going well. Every family has strengths. Need help discovering your family’s strengths? Check out this article (not sponsored/affiliated).

#3 – LISTEN WITH LOVE – When you discuss ways the family could improve and solutions for those problems, listen to everyone’s input. Write down EVERY idea (even if you are sure it won’t work). Everyone’s thoughts and feelings are valid.

#4- BE IN IT TOGETHER – The purpose of a Family Everflection is to talk about how you are functioning as a unit (rather than individual strengths and short-comings). Whether you’re discussing strengths or needed improvement, remember that you are always on the same side. You are a team.

#5 – HAVE FUN – Even though it can sometimes feel tedious, Family Everflections can be fun! Consider having a treat or game at the end of your Everflection.

Comment below with features you’d love to see in Everflect Parent and Everflect Family! Sign up here to get on the waiting list to beta test Everflect Parent when it’s ready.


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