Family Thanksgiving Craft

+Free Thanksgiving Printables

A grateful family is a happy family.

This simple family thanksgiving craft has been a fun way to focus our family on gratitude every day of the month. Here’s how we made it:

(Note: Small parts are a choking hazard to young children. Always use adult supervision.)


Wood frame

hook and loop dots or pieces (30)

wood leaf shapes (30)

chalkboard paint

nontoxic children’s paint


Step 1

Paint your frame and leaf/feather shaped pieces in fall colors (we thought what we bought was all one shape, but turns out it was a mix. We worked with it anyway).

Step 2

After the paint is dried, paint the interior of the frame and the middle of each leaf/feather piece with chalkboard paint.

Step 3

After all of the paint has dried, add the hook and loop pieces to the leaves/feathers and frame. (We chose to put the fuzzy side on the frame and the rough part on the back of the leaves).


Step 4

Decorate your frame with one of our free thanksgiving printables or use chalk to write on the center.

Free Printable Decor:

One By One Printable

Thankful Heart Printable

Thanks And Giving Printable

Step 5

Each day, write one thing your family is grateful for on a leaf/feather with chalk and then place it onto the frame. At the end of the month, you’ll have a full colorful frame to remind your family of your many blessings. Re-use each year (or even more often!)


If you try this craft, share your finished design with us on one of our social media pages.

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