You’ve seen the stats over and over again (for example, this article). Having family dinner together has a significant influence on a child’s outcomes. Family dinner conversation boosts a child’s vocabulary. Children who eat with their families consume healthier foods. Family dinner lowers the chance of risky behaviors such as smoking and drinking. And most importantly, family dinner strengthens families bonds.  

So here are a few tips to making family dinner works better (plus another FREE printable!).  

Plan ahead  

Ideally, you would have dinner at the same time every night. Consistency is has a huge influence over success. However, this isn’t feasible for everyone. Instead, find other ways to plan ahead. For example, schedule out weekly dinner times for the week each Sunday so that everyone knows exactly when you expect them to be home every day.

Have a no-technology rule  

Technology is great to connect us with the outside world, but the outside world doesn’t belong at the dinner table. The dinner table is for family. Focus on your family by putting away phones, turning of the TV and shutting off any other technology distractions. Enjoy these few rare minutes when you can focus your attention on your family.  

Prepare meaningful conversations  

How was work? Good. How was school? Fine. This is hardly a foundation for a meaningful conversation. By having open-ended questions prepared, you can connect with your family and get to know them better at dinner time. Check out this FREE printable that gives you 365 family dinner conversation starters, so you can always start family dinner off right. 365FamilyDinnerConvos


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