Family Crafts

5 DIY Crafts to do For and With Your Family

Family DIY Crafts

Family crafts are a great way to bond with your family or express your love to them. Check out these 5 simple DIY ideas to do for or with your family. Have other ideas? Share them with us on one of our social media pages!


Family Craft

I Love You Because Frames


Option 1: Chalkboard, Chalkboard Paint, Chalk

Option 2: Glass Frame, Photo, Paper, Dry Erase Marker

How to

Option 1: Use your chalkboard paint to write “Today, I love you because…” on the chalkboard. Hang in a location that you see often. Daily (or as often as you see it), write one thing you love about your spouse or family.

Option 2: Print off our free version or create your own photo with the words “Today, I love you because”. Put the photo in your frame. Place in a prominent area of your home. Use a dry erase marker to write things you love about your spouse or family.

Family Vacation Fund


Glass Jar, Paint, Chalkboard Paint & Paint (optional)

How To

Paint your jar to match your home decor, then paint “family vacation fund” or similar phrase on the outside. (optional) Use chalkboard paint to make a space below to write which vacation you are saving for. Work together with your family to save for your vacation by putting extra change in the jar. You could also keep track of your progress by using our free printable savings goal sheet.

Family Craft

Family Inside Joke Wall


Sticky Notes, Pen, (optional) frame

How To

Find a space in your home (or hang your frame in a prominent place) that you can fill with sticky notes. Keep track of inside jokes, uplifting quotes and funny moments by writing them on a sticky note and adding them to your wall, door, window or frame.

And since you already have sticky notes, check out our free printable sticky note meal planner and sticky note chore charts.

Family Craft

Letters To Your Children


Journal, Pen

How To

Get a journal for each member of your family. Every once in a while, write in the journal as if you are writing them a letter. Share your thoughts on their life and your family. This is a great way to leave a legacy of your child’s first years for them to read when they are old enough. Tape photos and other memories inside for a scrapbook type feel too.

Family Craft

Family Gratitude Journal


Notebook, Pen

How To

Get a notebook, decorate the cover as desired, then place it on the family coffee table or other prominent location. Sit down together each night and write at least one thing you were grateful for that day.


Share your finished family crafts and other ideas in the comments or on one of our social media pages!


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