Introduction to The Intentional Family Moment

Get to know our podcast with this brief introductory episode and submit your questions to be discussed in future podcasts.


Welcome to the Intentional Family Moment. Today’s episode is a brief introduction to this podcast and a request for questions that we will discuss on future episodes. This podcast is a voice of positive family values rooted in intentionality. It is sponsored by Coriaria, LLC – founded on what matters most: Our families. Coriaria aims to change the world one marriage, one family, and one empowered human connection at a time. We believe that if you want to make the biggest impact in this world, you have to start with your family.

In this podcast, we have unscripted discussions about family related questions submitted by our fans. We are by no means perfect. We’re not marriage family and family therapists. But we are trying to build our own family while also building a company that is centered on our belief that families matter most. Whether it’s our religious beliefs, our studies in education, or our personal experiences abroad and at home, everything has pointed us to the importance of strong family values. We hope that our conversations help spark thoughts on how you can be more intentional in your own family life.

At the end of each episode, we will issue a challenge to ourselves and to you that will help us all be more intentional at home. Today’s challenge is to share your thoughts on the importance of family with us by commenting on one of our social media pages. Links to our social media pages and other links to Coriaria are in the show notes. Join us on our next episode, which will be Episode 1, where we will discuss the question: “What does it mean to be an intentional family?”

If you have questions you would like us to discuss, go to or comment on one of our social media pages. Thank you for joining our family for an intentional moment. Now, go change the world by going home and loving your family.

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