On episode 4 of My Mindful Mat Moment, we interview Jessica Simpson, a Marriage and Family Therapy PhD candidate, to discuss Emotion Regulation, what it is, how parents and their children can develop it, and how it relates to mindfulness.

Here are some key highlights:

  • We discuss what emotion regulation is and some research behind it
  • We discuss how a parent can get in tune with their emotions with practical skills and activities.
  • We discuss how parents can help their children gain skills of emotion regulation with easy activities.
  • We discuss relevant applications to significant life changes (this episode was recorded May 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic)

You can listen to the full episode here

Emotion Regulation Activities For Parents

On the podcast, we discussed some practical application of emotion regulation that parents can start today for themselves and their children. Here are just a few examples. Check out the full episode for explanations and descriptions.

  1. Intentional Breathing (Such as “square breathing”)
  2. Exercise such as going for a walk
  3. Take a “time-out” for yourself
  4. Make a self-soothing kit (a kit with all of the senses)
  5. Do progressive muscle relaxation
  6. Check in with yourself (like using the thermometer approach)
  7. Learn about the brain (use the hand example from the episode)
  8. Use various apps that are available to help
  9. Check out books about breathing and mindfulness
  10. Use products such as My Mindful Mat
  11. PLAY with your children. Use imaginative play.

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