Don’t know your baby’s gender yet, but can’t kick the urge to decorate the nursery? Check out this budget-friendly, minimalist and gender-neutral nursery plan.

This nursery was inspired by the northwest and was made to function simply and intentionally while also making a place for the whole family to gather together to enjoy the new member. If you’re a planner with a budget, this is a great way to get started.

Before & After

Unfinished pre gender-check nursery.
Finished after gender-check nursery (for a girl!)

Can you spot the difference? We only added a few simple details after the gender-reveal to bring in that feminine flare. If it had been a boy, we would have added a few more woodland or mountain details and called it good. Now let’s talk about the how-tos and details:

Peg Board Command Center

This ikea peg board has been in the room since it was an office. We love peg boards for their easy-to change decor. You can find the printable decor quotes for FREE here. The round circle is a removable light switch for a light bulb which is convenient for being able to take off and bring over to the rocking chair. Most of this board was put together before the reveal and a few extra flowers were added after.

Diaper Changing Station

This changing table space is simple, but useful. We had twigs sitting around already, so we turned the mirror into a “nest” – after the reveal we added the flower (for a boy, it would have been left as is). The mirror is a nice addition because it helps the small nursery feel bigger while also providing a nice place for some cognitive growth when baby comes.We also already had the basket which will be used to store diapers and wipes. The mobile arm was left over from a hand-me-down pack-and-play and the DIY flowers were added after the reveal. (For a boy, it would likely have been ferns or woodland creatures). The peg hanger was extra from our playroom and makes for a perfect and intentional place to store the diaper bag.

Family Rock-A-Bye Corner

The rocking chair was purchased second-hand and is a cute match for sibling’s smaller version. We want sibling to feel included and involved when baby comes, so we made sure they had a space in the nursery too. We chose to remove the blinds on our window for safety reasons and replaced them with black-out drapes. The basket item between the chair is actually the lamp and adds a really cool starry-night or camp-fire type affect at night.

A Simple Place To Sleep

That potted tree once was a live fiddle fig. It (very sadly) died, so we found a new use for it rather than throwing it out. The extra flowers from the wreath and mobiles were hot-glued to it to brighten up the room. (It admittedly will likely have to go or be moved after baby learns to crawl, but for the time being it brings some extra color to the space). The mobile is the same arm that was used for sibling’s nursery with a totally different theme. We love that we have one that can be re-used and re-decorated rather than tossed out when a child outgrows it and styles change. The wreath and mobile were almost completely finished prior to the gender-reveal. The wreath is made from a large quilting loom and fake ferns. We added the flowers after the gender reveal (for a boy, it would have remained as-is). The wreath was placed higher than we normally would to ensure that it will be out of baby’s reach. The flowers were chosen based on the colors of the rug as well as flowers that have memories and meaning to our family. We especially love the circles throughout the room – the wreath, the rug, the ottoman, the mirror, etc – that represent our forever family.

Share your ideas for making a functional, intentional and family-centered nursery in the comments below!

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