Date ALL of Your Spouse

(6 Balanced Date Ideas)

Your spouse has more than one dimension. When we talk about a balanced life, we often refer to our six life categories (like in our lumiwheel kids booklet): service, intellectual, social, spiritual, physical and creative. Enjoy getting to know your spouse in all life categories with these six date night ideas.

1. Service

Go on a stroll through your neighborhood looking for ways to serve. Is there trash on the ground? Pick it up. Is someone bringing in groceries? Help them carry them in. Is there an elderly couple who could use a visit? Take time to talk.

2. Intellectual

Learning a new skill is a great intellectual date idea.

3. Social

Get out into your community by going to a food truck. Make it even more social by inviting another couple to join you for a double-date.

4. Spiritual

In a world with a million technology distractions, it’s hard to get a peaceful moment. Put the phones away and spend some quite, mindful time fishing together. Nature and peace make for a great spiritual date.

5. Physical

While physical dates don’t have to be about exercise, this is a fun way to get out and moving.

6. Creative

Creative dates could be arts, crafts, music or some really tastes treats.

For more balanced date night ideas, check out this Pinterest board.

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