A child safety DIY craft

“I thought you were watching them…” is one of the scariest phrases to hear when you’re on a family outing. A simple miscommunication can result in a lost child in a matter of moments. This simple child safety craft can help reduce the risk of this very scary mishap.

The next time you head out on a family outing, do one thing first: make a bracelet that represents each child. The person with that bracelet on is the one in charge of looking after that child. When you need to run to the bathroom, or you’re busy catching up with your cousins, or any other distracting scenario, pass the bracelet to your spouse (or another available and responsible adult).

Rather than relying on a quick, “Hey can you watch him for a minute?” or, even worse, assuming someone else will rise to the task without being asked, pass the physical reminder and clearly communicate the responsibility. This helps increase the intentionality of keeping an eye on your child.

Our personal favorite version is the button. Based off of the simple child’s game “Button, Button, Who’s got the button?” – it is easy to remember that whoever has the button has the responsibility of the child. Plus, all you need is a piece of elastic and a large button to make it. A large button is key so that you have a clear reminder of your responsibility.

Check out a few other simple to make safety bracelet ideas below.

  1. WOODEN INITIAL: Using the same elastic and a long, wooden bead, you can create a personalized bracelet. This is great for when you have multiple kids. Use a sharpie to write the initials or name of the child on the wooden bead so you clearly know which child you are in charge of.
  2. SCRAP PIECES: Gather scrap cloth, a thick elastic band and some velcro. Cut the elastic to wrist width, then place opposite velcro ends on each side. With your scrap cloth, decorate the band however you like. You could even get the kids involved with making their own. Carefully use hot glue to glue the pieces of cloth to the band.
  3. WHAT YOU HAVE: If you don’t feel like being crafty, you can buy your own or even just use a normal hair band. As long as everyone involved understands what it represents, you’re good to go.

Have more ideas or stories to tell? Comment below! And check out our other family-centered DIY posts.


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