Coriaria’s Past, Present & Future

Coriaria Goals

Coriaria’s Past 

We founded Coriaria, LLC at the beginning of 2018. On long drives to visit grandparents, we brainstormed ideas for products we believed would strengthen families. We strongly believe that healthy communities only exist when built upon strong families. Coriaria, LLC became our idea factory where these ideas could be put into practice. We started with the products we knew we would use. Everflect ™ was the first official product which we still use on a weekly basis to ensure our business endeavors never overtake our family life.

Coriaria’s Present  

We have been releasing all of our printable products for free as we have narrowed our focus to create and improve three product lines that reflect the “past”, “present” and “future” of all families.

Here are the updates as of September, 2018:

Past (QuiltedMemoir™ )

This product is in the very early stages, but we hope to build it to a functional stage within the next year. Quilted Memoir™ will be a platform for family members and friends to come together to create a virtual tapestry of a loved one’s memories for occasions such as funerals, 50th wedding anniversaries, graduation, birthdays and more. Every time occasions like these occur in our life, we wish they could magically make Quilted Memoir™ a reality overnight. But it will take time. You can visit the place-holder landing page at to learn more, sign up to beta test, and give feedback on what features you’d love to see.  

Memory Preservation Website

Present (My Mindful Mat™ )

We live in a society with so many demands on our time and attention. My Mindful Mat™ is an intentional parenting tool that will help you work with your children in present and mindful ways. We’re very excited about the positive experiences of the My Mindful Mat™ beta testers. My Mindful Mats™ will be useful for any parent willing to utilize the mat according to instruction, and we hope it will be particularly useful for parents of children with disabilities and children in unique family circumstances such as foster care or split-family dynamics. The first batch is scheduled to be released for purchase by Thanksgiving! To learn more and to sign up to know when they are released, visit  

Intentional Parenting Tool

Future (Everflect™ )

Everflect™ is an app that was created to help couples support each others’ goals and communicate in depth on a regular basis. This app helps you have a better vision of what you want your future to look like together. Everflect™ was Coriaria’s first official product, but it is still a work in progress. Thank you to everyone who has tested it, currently uses it, and still works to help us improve it! Currently, there have been issues with the notifications. We are working to debug and make improvements to the interface. (Thank you for your patience!) A book version of the app and coursework has also been released on Amazon. The Everflect Parent and Everflect Family apps have been put on hold, but you can find free printable versions on the website. Check out to learn more and download the app.

Couple's Council App

Coriaria’s Future 

As noted, Coriaria,LLC will be focusing on the above product lines for the near future. The vision beyond that is to not only continue to create and polish products that will assist in strengthening families around the world, but to also create an extremely family-friendly work environment for employees. The hope is to grow to no more than 50 employees, with benefits that reflect Coriaria’s belief: family comes first. Coriaria, LLC is not currently hiring, but you can send an e-mail to [email protected] to express future interest in working at Coriaria, LLC.

Please help Coriaria, LLC on this journey to promote strong family-focused societies by following us on social media, sharing our pages and most importantly – loving and strengthening your own family.

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