What is Coriaria, LLC?

We are a small company committed to making products that strengthen family relationships and help you be more intentional at home. We are constantly experimenting with new apps and product ideas intended to positively influence family life. We believe strongly in the sentiment that if you “want to change the world, start with your own family.” We aim to create the tools that will assist families in this endeavor to change the world one family at a time. We “choose family” every day.

What does “Coriaria” mean? 

Coriaria is the species name for the “Divi Divi” tree (Libidibia Coriaria) found in Aruba. The unique pointed shape of the tree on the island occurs due to strong opposing winds. The opposition of these winds has resulted in the local adage of “follow the bend of the divi-divi trees and you’ll find your way back to town.” If lost, you can literally follow these twisted bonsi-like trees back to your family in town. This tree stands as a symbol at Coriaria to remind us of our aim to help families navigate through opposition to intentional, happy and healthy homes.

Why does it take so long to hear back from Coriaria representatives?

We have a strong belief that our families come first. We are a small company and have strict working hours to keep this focus. We strive to work hard during our working hours to get back to you. We sincerely appreciate your patience and your support of our family focus. Please also note that we do not work on Sundays.

What products are Coriaria’s current focus?

Currently Coriaria, LLC is focusing on three product lines: Everflect™, My Mindful Mat™ and Quilted Memoir™. You can read the most recent update from the founders of Coriaria, LLC here.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us by e-mailing [email protected] or [email protected]

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