Making a Family Motto that Matters

Make a family mission statement

In this weeks podcast (episode 1), we discussed what it means to be an Intentional Family. We noted that if you want to be intentional, you have to know the “why” behind your actions. To help your family get on the same page with your family “why”, we invited you to create a family motto or mission statement. Here are some great tips and examples to help you get started!

1. Stay Positive

When we say “stay positive” we mean more than just keeping a positive attitude during the chaos of this family get together. We are literally referring to what you write in your mission statement. Help your family feel like your motto is attainable by skipping the negative words like “Don’t”, “Never” and “Can’t”.

For example, instead of saying “We don’t give up”, rephrase positively with something like “We always try.”

To learn more about how to implement this tip (and a little about the psychology behind it), check out our Everflect Coursework.

2. Keep It Short

To make the biggest impact, you’ll want to keep your mission statement short enough for everyone in the family to be able to memorize it. So keep it short.

3. Be You

Below, we’ll give some examples of family mottos and mission statements. This is to help get the wheels turning, not for you to copy and paste (unless one really resonates with you). If your family is quirky, keep it quirky.

4. Get Everyone Involved

It will mean a lot more to your whole family, if the whole family was involved. Even the littlest of persons can add meaningful input into your family mission statement. Let everyone give their ideas and then work together to narrow it down to fit tip #2.

5. Review

Once you have your motto, review it often. It’s also a great idea to follow the example of the family we mentioned in the podcast and sit down as a family every week and talk about ways that each family member has been a good example of your family’s motto.

Family Motto & Mission Statement Examples

Here are some examples to get you started. Other ways to find inspiration would be to look up the definition of your family’s last name or make a list of favorite inspirational quotes.

“We serve, we forgive, we love”

“I know who I am. I can do hard things. I am never alone.”

“Even though we’re each a little fractured, together we have it all.”

“We are friends. We help each other. We listen to each other. We forgive each other. We have fun together.”

“We did something nice for someone today”

“Serve and Love Always”

Comment below or on one of our social media pages to let us know what your family motto is!


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