25 Service Ideas for the Whole Family

(Yes, even toddlers!)



One of the most meaningful activities to do to strengthen your family is to volunteer together. This may seem like an overwhelming task, especially with young children (or reluctant teenagers), but there are several simple ways to get your whole family out and serving.

Here are 25 volunteer opportunities for the whole family:

  1. Invite friends over for a play date so their parents can go on a date.

  2. Visit a nursing home or do an “adopt-a-grandparent” program.

  3. Do a walk for a good cause such as raising money to fight a disease.

  4. Sort through toys and donate to a family in need or a second hand store.

  5. Do a yard sell or lemonade stand and donate the money to a cause you care about.

    Volunteer Opportunity

  6. Pick up trash at the park or around the neighborhood.

  7. Look into becoming a foster family.

  8. Collect supplies for new parents and donate them to a local shelter or family in need.

  9. Surprise neighbors with a baked treat.

  10. Take a meal to a family with a new baby.

    take a meal

  11. Decorate paper grocery bags and collect canned foods for a food pantry.

  12. Write a letter and draw a picture to send to the military.

  13. Volunteer with an organization like Open Doors that allows the whole family to volunteer together.

  14. Write thank you notes to firefighters and police officers.

  15. Become friends with a refugee family.


  16. Do a Random Acts of Kindness challenge.

  17. Make blankets for a project like Project Linus.

  18. Become friends with an adult or child with a disability.

  19. Read storybooks together to children at the hospital.

  20. Get to know your neighbors and work together to think of specific ways you could serve them.

  21. Contact local charities you are interested in. Even if they don’t typically allow younger children, they may have other opportunities for you.

  22. Fill shoeboxes with activities for children at the hospital, refugees or other children in need.

  23. Pull weeds or do other simple yard work for someone who is sick.

  24. Visit an extended family member you have not seen for a while.

  25. Visit websites like justserve.org to find other family-friendly specific activities.

Comment below with any ideas we missed! (If you run an organization that allows families to serve together, please comment below or reach out so we can add to our list!)

Get more service ideas with our ultimate by-location list of organizations that allow families to volunteer together.

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