Family Night Ideas

(40+ Activities To Do with Your Family)

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Every Monday evening, we set aside time to spend with family to learn together and do wholesome recreational activities. Family adventures can be as big as a vacation or as small (but meaningful) as some quality conversation at home. Here is a list of 40+ family night activities to help your continue making meaningful family memories:

1. Make Up A Family Holiday

Family Holiday

Work together to create a new reason to celebrate. Maybe it’s an ancestors birthday, or an extra excuse to get out to your favorite hiking spot every year, or a fun reason to make a special food. Share your family holiday ideas in the comments!

2. Write Thank You Cards

Write Thank You Cards

You can never be too grateful for the people in your life. Work together to write thank you notes to people who have been a blessing to your family.

3. Carve or Paint Pumpkins

Carve Pumpkins

Or find a different fruit of vegetable to decorate if it’s not pumpkin season.

4. Go Bobbing for Apples

Go Bobbing for Apples

And maybe make Carmel apples with the left over ones.

5. Play a Sport Together

Play a Sport Together

As formal as joining a team or as informal as a good game of catch.

6. Go Swimming

Go Swimming

At a pool or a lake or your other favorite swimming hole.

7. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt

Family Night Idea

One fun way to do this is to take close up pictures of things around the house. See if your family can figure out what they are.

8. Go to a New Park

Family Night Idea

You could even make a “park bucket list” of local playgrounds and go to a new one very week.

9. Tour a Local Factory

Family night idea

Cheese and chocolate factories are our favorites to visit.

10. Go to a You-Pick Farm

Family Night Idea

Count your blessings if you have a good you-pick farm near you.

11. Visit a Cemetary

family night idea

Take time to visit loved ones who have passed or take a walk in your local cemetery.

12. Play Flour Yard Games

Family Night Idea

Get some pantyhose, fill with flour, tie the end and add some epic fun to your regular game of capture the flag.

13. Go Bird WatchingFamily Night Idea

What’s the coolest bird you’ve ever seen in the wild?

14. Make S’mores over a Campfire

Make smores

Who has some awesome s’mores recipes to share?

15. Have a Water Balloon Fight

Family Night Idea

Or play some water balloon volleyball.

16. Go Camping

Family Night Idea

Where is your favorite camping spot? The backyard totally counts.

17. Have a Movie Night

Family Night Idea

Check out our family movie list to get some ideas.

18. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Make a list of nature items such as a rock shaped like a heart, a ladybug, and a yellow flower. What else would you put on your list?

19. Make Breakfast for Dinner

Family Night Idea

What is your favorite breakfast food?

20. Have a Picnic

Have a Picnic

Feel free to share your picnic recipes and ideas in the comments.

21. Make an Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course

Kick the ball, then run around the tree… play for fun or add some friendly competition with a timer.

22. Watch a Sunset

Paper Boats

Drive or hike to a special spot with a view.

23. Make Origami Boats

And then race them in the gutter.

24. Do a Puzzle

Do a Puzzle

What’s the largest puzzle your family has had patience for?

25. Brainstorm Inventions


Even better if you actually create them!

26. Learn to Make Something New

Bake Something New

What is your favorite treat to bake?

27. Learn About Your Family History

Family History

Family history is a great way to bond as a family.

28. Plant a Garden

Plant a Garden

Share your beginner gardening tips in the comments!

29. Take Family Photos


Our favorite style is lifestyle photography. Capture your family’s real life moments.

30. Visit a Historical Site

Historical Site

Share your favorite historical sites in the comments!

31. Visit An Animal Attraction


Which is your favorite – an aviary, aquarium or zoo?

32. Make Origami Decor


A cute origami bouquet is a fun option.

33. Go Mini Golfing


Or “real” golfing works too.

34. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Soup Kitchen

Or several other volunteer options.

35. Look Through Old Photo Albums

Look through old photos

Share those embarrassing High School photos with each other.

36. Make Paper Airplanes

Make Paper Airplanes

And then see whose can fly the farthest

37. Have a Dance Party

dance party

What’s your family’s favorite jam?

38. Make a Cardboard House

Cardboard Houses

Or castle, or car or kitchen…

39. Go Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Some ice skating rinks are open year round.

40. Find More Ideas

Check this blog post or our Pinterest page for more ideas!

Comment below with your favorite family night ideas!

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