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15 Epic Date Night Ideas

You don’t have to spend money to have an epic date night with your spouse (see our free date night idea list here). Sometimes it’s nice to save up for an out-of-the ordinary date. Check out this list of 15 epic date night ideas and comment below with your own exciting date ideas!

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Get a romantic view with this high flying option.

2. Visit a Planetarium

Or do the free version of laying in the grass.

3. Do a Home-Improvement Project

It’s amazing how close you get when you demolish a kitchen.

4. Attend a Hockey Game

Or any other sport that may not be your normal go-to.

5. Eat at a Rooftop Restaurant

For some reason, food tastes better up there.

6. Take a Dance Class Together

Ballroom, Hip Hop, Country… which one would you do?

7. Go Paddle-boarding

Relaxing date. Until you push each other in.

8. Attend a Local Festival or Market

Go with a budget and come home with a home-made goodie.

9. Go Rock Climbing

Don’t forget the right equipment…and training.

Learn to roll Sushi Together

10. Learn to Roll Sushi

Learn a skill, eat food, eat better food next time.


11. Attend a Local Concert

Country, Pop, Opera… which one would you rock out to?

12. Go to an Art museum

Check out some local masterpieces like your relationship.


13. Attend a Poetry Slam

Unless you’re the extra cultural couple. Then host your own.

test drive a car together

14. Test Drive a Car

This one could get real expensive.

go to an arcade

15. Go to an Arcade

Nothing more epic than being kids together.


What’s the most epic date you’ve been on? Share below!

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