Many religions have a strong family-focus. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is no exception. Members of the Church participate in what is called “Family Home Evening” or “Family Night.” 

Family Home Evening is a set apart time, usually Monday nights, where the family gathers together to take part in wholesome bonding activities and spiritual learning. Even church policy prioritizes this time by stating that “Monday nights are reserved for family home evening throughout the Church. No Church activities, meetings, baptismal services, games, or practices should be held after 6:00 p.m. on Mondays. Other interruptions to family home evening should be avoided.” Handbook 2: Administering the Church (Salt Lake City, Utah: LDS Church, 2010)  

Religious or not, Coriaria is a huge advocate of following this example by setting aside at least one day per week that is exclusively for family time.  

Here are some tips to make it work: 

  1. Prioritize – Put your family night on the calendar first. Everything else can fall into place around it. Barring emergencies, allow family night to override any other obligations. A strong family makes for stronger societies. Work, hobbies, friends, and everything else in your life will benefit from a stronger family life.  
  2. Be consistent – Select a day and time that everyone can count on each week (such as Monday evenings from 7-9pm). Consistency will help everyone remember and will make it easier to stick to tip #1.  
  3. Have fun – While family night can be a great opportunity to go over family items of business and conduct moral education, make sure to keep it fun. Family Nights are intended to be a loving, bonding atmosphere. Wholesome activities are a great way to accomplish this. Check out our Pinterest for some ideas on fun family activities 

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