Family Adventures

One of the greatest ways to bond as a family is to spend time adventuring together. New shared experiences are some of the most solid memories. We’re definitely a fan of the common sentiment to “collect experiences not things.” Spend time with your family by getting out and doing. How? Well here are a few FREE printables to get you started:

Family Bucket-List

Take some time to get input from your family members. What experiences do they dream of? Take turns filling in one of the family bucket-list items on this FREE printable bucket-list. Click here to download: Our Family Adventure List

Pre-Filled Bucket-List

Or, for those who have a hard time brain-storming, we’ll do the work for you. Print off this pre-filled bucket list and get to work making things happen! (And share your success stories with us via social media!) Click here to get the free pre-filled version: Our Family Adventure List Filled

Family Adventure Savings Goal

Family adventures don’t always cost money, but sometimes they do. Make the process of saving for your big family adventures a bonding experience too! You can work together on saving up. It’s a great unifying experience and can help everyone get excited. Keep track of your progress by printing off this savings goal chart for FREE. Family Travel Savings

Family Travel Maps

As you succeed in adventuring together, keep track of where you’ve been together by printing off and coloring in one of these free family travel maps. Click here for the U.S. USFamilyTravelMap or here for the World WorldFamilyTravelMap

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