Read Out Loud Challenge

It’s almost August! That means it’s time for another #CoriariaChallenge. Reading out loud is a great activity to stay connected.

Here’s the challenge:
Read out loud to your child or spouse every day for one week. For the most ideal experience, read from a physical book (Not on a tech device).

Comment below or like our post on facebook if you are “in” and let us know what book(s) you will be reading

If you want some great family-centered reading material ideas, check out our reading lists at Here.

Follow Up:

This was a challenge that we thought would be simple. We already read together as a family every morning and read books to our child at night. It was easy to keep the challenge, but being more intentional about it really helped improve the experience. We found ourselves having more “talking time” in the evening, discussing the books and ideas or just naturally trailing off into additional conversation. We hope to continue the pattern as our children grow.

Feel free to share your experiences by commenting below!

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