Tomorrow is May. That means it’s time for another #CoriariaChallenge! May’s challenge is to do our “Random Acts of Kindness Scavenger Hunt.” Below are enough random acts of kindness for every day this month! Do them in whatever order you would like or even make up your own.

Get your family involved with you or do the random acts of kindness FOR your family members!

Like this post if you are “in” and feel free to invite friends and family to join you.

When you successfully accomplish one of the acts of kindness, comment below with a picture or story of your experience.

Coriaria Random Acts of Kindness List

1. Tell each family member why you love them.
2. Read a book to a child.
3. Leave an uplifting sticky note somewhere.
4. Pick up trash.
5. Give a sincere compliment.
6. Invite someone to spend time with you.
7. Make & send a care package.
8. Have a meaningful conversation with an elderly person.
9. Use sidewalk chalk to write kind messages.
10. Hold the door open.
11. Pull weeds.
12. Call a family member “just” to say hi.
13. Make a treat for someone.
14. Take flowers to someone.
15. Give someone a hug.
16. Write and mail (snail mail!) a Thank You card.
17. Donate to a charity that helps families (and/or share their information on social media).
18. Do a chore around the house you normally wouldn’t do.
19. Apologize to someone you may have hurt.
20. Babysit for free for someone.
21. Cook a meal for someone.
22. Visit someone who is sick.
23. Share your talent with someone (Ex. Sing for them, paint them a picture, fix something for them, etc.)
24. Share an uplifting message on social media.
25. Plant a tree or garden.
26. Pay for someone’s meal.
27. Make a family member breakfast in bed.
28. Mow the lawn for someone.
29. Tutor a student.
30. Recycle.
31. Be kind to yourself.

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