Movies About Family: The Ultimate List

Movies About Families for Families! Here it is! The ultimate family-centered movie list with over 50 uplifting movies all about family life! Think we missed ones? Share them in the comments and we’ll make sure to add it! 1. The Incredibles 2. Coco 3. Brother Bear 4. The Greatest Showman 5. 101 Dalmatians 6. Cheaper…

April #CoriariaChallenge

This month’s #CoriariaChallenge creates a cleaner home while also teaching the joy of giving. To complete the challenge: Donate at least 10 items to a second hand store or a family in need. Let us know that you have completed the challenge by posting to one of our social media pages or commenting below!

Opening Sale!

Now Open! Our online family-centered shop is now open! To celebrate, everything in shop is 50% off or more for the first week (Through April 9, 2018). Everything is family focused! Decor, activities, games, family council worksheets, apps and more! Check it out at!


#SaturdaySpotlight On occasion, we are now spotlighting the wonderful members of our family-centered facebook community: “Your Way Home by Coriaria,LLC” Join the group to get great family strengthening and bonding inspiration! Our first #SaturdaySpotlight couple’s story reminds us what love and loyalty are truly about. Names: Audrey & Jared How long have you been married?:…

Everflect How-To Library!

The Everflect How-To Library is now available in the app! To help you decide if this course is right for you, we have provided the first lesson for FREE! Check it out now at!  

#NoTech – What We Learned

The No-Tech Weekend Follow Up This past weekend, we participated in Coriaria’s “No-Tech” #CoriariaChallenge. After signing off of all technology – no social media, no phones, no computers, no TVs for a full weekend, here are the top 5 lessons learned: No-Tech Doesn’t Mean “No Fun” Unplugging for the weekend was a ton of fun!…

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